1.  Cancellation Policy:

Establish a clear cancellation policy that outlines the condition under which a client may cancel cleaning services and the fee that will be charged for cancellations.

2.  Notice Period:

Require clients to provide a specified amount of notice prior to cancelling cleaning services,such as24 hours or 72 hours.


3. Fee Amount:

Determine the fee amount that will be charged for cancellations,taking into account the cost of labour,materials,and others expenses incurred by the cleaning business.

4. Waiver of Fee:

 Consider circumstances under which the cancellation fee may be waived ,such as in cases of illness,inclement weather,or other unexpected events.

5. Payment of Fee:

Ensure that the cancellation fee is paid promptly and in accordance with the terms established in the cancellation policy.

6. Record keeing:

Maintain accurate records off all cancellation and fees charged,to ensure that the cancellation policy is consistency applied and that clients are properly billed for cancellations.

7. Communication:

 Clearly communicate the cancllation policy to clients at the time of booking,and ensure that clients are aware of the policy and the conditions under which a fee will be charged.

8. Review and Update:

Regularly review and update the cancellation polic to ensure that it means fairand appropriate,and that it reflects charges in the cleaning business and the needs of clients.